Dried Reishi chewing tobacco substitute or Even just for chewing for other reasons

Has anyone here done or tried this w/dried Reishi (or whatever tends to be sold as Reishi)? I wonder about this both as a potentially healthful way to ingest Reishi, and as a substitute for chewing unhealthy things like tobacco (I know two people who have/had this habit).

  1. Scrub it clean under water (don’t soak).
  2. Chew it like gum, tobacco, etc.

Would there be any issues w/this, being something raw?

As an aside, I should mention that there are issues people may not think of:

1. If purchased commercially, while a good deal, it may contain sulfites (though are they largely removed through step 1 above?), which may give an allergy-like effect.

2. One may get a similar, but not identical mushroom through foraging or purchasing, so one can’t always be easily sure of what they’re really chewing.


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Psychotherapist with a specialty in working with Bipolar and multi-diagnosed individuals and their families.
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