Tan Lepista nuda (blewet)???

I’ve attached pics. They were found in a lawn. I see no trace of lilac coloration, even in the gills, however I think that is quite possible (especially in some areas like here in CT).
Odor: I don’t think I really noticed the frozen orange juice scent w/these, though I’ve noticed it in other years.

Taste: Tried a small piece microwaved: I think a very faint bitterness, but otherwise it was pretty sweet w/good texture (a bit firm). I hope I can eat regular amounts!

BTW, I’ve read they can be allergenic, especially when not cooked. I wonder how true or not this statement is…. Any examples of the "allergenic" symptoms described somewhere anyone would like to point out?


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Psychotherapist with a specialty in working with Bipolar and multi-diagnosed individuals and their families.
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