The Sickener

I don’t know what people made the edits, or what, but I’m glad to see what I believe to be accurate info. about the sickener in a prominent place:
"The mushroom’s common names refer to the gastrointestinal distress they cause when consumed raw. The flesh is extremely peppery, but this offensive taste, along with its toxicity, can be removed by parboiling or pickling. Although it used to be widely eaten in Russia and eastern European countries, it is generally not recommended for consumption" ( The one flaw is that the opinion that the taste is offensive doesn’t belong there. Perhaps when parboiling/drying changes the peppery flavor to a strange bitter, maybe most would find that offensive in taste. Of course, if it is highly peppery, that could be offensive to most if not eaten in tiny quality like a spice. But, the same can be said of [eating alone] many strong flavored [plant] spices!


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Psychotherapist with a specialty in working with Bipolar and multi-diagnosed individuals and their families.
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