Elaeagnus umbellata (autumnberries)

Today I went to try making clear autumn olive juice, but didn’t succeed. I used a Kitchenaid food strainer, which separated the seeds, pulp, and juice into three separate parts. Pictured is the the juice after sitting for ~5 hours, and the pulp. The juice does show a layer of sediment on the bottom.

Also unexpected are the flavors. I sampled a number of trees and chose the one w/the sweetest fruits. The whole fruits were only slightly astringent, ~mildly to moderately sour, and moderately sweet. The results, however, were approximately as follows:

-Pulp: moderately sweet, mildly sour, and non-astringent

-Juice: moderately sweet, mildly sour, and moderately astringent.

-Seeds: bitter (I totally never noticed this until today when I had a bunch of strained seeds to try eating)

http://foragersharvest.com/autumnberry-autumn-olive/ had me expect the juice would not be red, and though it wasn’t specific, I didn’t expect the juice would somehow concentrate the astringency. I can imagine some trees can be found that are super-ripe, and may have different results, but I’m certainly curious about what happened here.

One other thing: http://foragersharvest.com/autumnberry-autumn-olive/ states "When autumnberries first turn red they are rather hard, very tart, and astringent due to their tannin content". Are my berries astringent due to tannin? Do the tannins go away when a berry is super-ripe? Could it be if my juice were closer to colorless, it would also be w/o appreciable tannins? That’s my guess at this time.


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