Not another Shiitake Recipe: Ultra Hot/Acrid Lactarius Fennel Pickles

A thoughtful someone recently told me, and this isn’t even close to a quote but likely conveys the essence of what was said, that the world doesn’t really need another recipe for mushrooms that already have a zillion recipes.

I say: "Indeed"

And so here’s what happened last week, which I’m now ready to post:

I had some fennel plants in my fridge, along with some Lactarius sp. so hot/acrid that it can really burn and I expect cause vomiting if consumed raw after it burns the mouth, throat, and maybe more. I also had a watermelon.

I was thinking to try mushroom pickles for the 1st time, and trying to see what to do w/all that fennel, so I looked up recipes for fennel pickles. I was also recalling Jason ("greys") posting about anise flavors and mushrooms. So, I used such a pickled fennel recipe, and added in some Lactarius and Russula sp. Any ultra-hot/acrid ones were 1st parboiled (just maybe 15 minutes or so). Then I did the pickling recipe w/the fennel, mushrooms, and watermelon rind.

Result is good, and I recommend people try this out, cherishing acrid Russulaceae instead of missing out on them.

Pictures attached, including the parboiling process. Note the whiteish Lactarius developed purplish tints on the gills (yes, the picture has at least as much purple as I saw in person).

My only challenge now is to figure out how I want to use these pickles besides snacking on them plain. Maybe I should add to sandwiches. Suggestions?


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One Response to Not another Shiitake Recipe: Ultra Hot/Acrid Lactarius Fennel Pickles

  1. Chop fine and use instead of pickles in chicken salad.

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