Corrected Post on Propagating Shaggy Parasols & Blewits

I took Daniel B. Wheeler's advice ( and made slurries in the blender w/some old shaggy parasols & blewit pilei.  I shoveled up the mycelium w/in leaves to put in a bag and then dumped on my own home's leaves, and added some stipe bases.  The attached pictures tell the story.

Note to Mark W.: Did you get my post on the spore print I can get you?  Actually, we had a freeze last night.  I don't know the status of those shrooms anymore.

Correction Details: 5 pictures were supposed to be attached.  One had an error, and another was in a hidden folder of sorts.  This correction meant to contain all 5, however I got 4, and they're here:  Minor edits also made to wording & spelling. 


About therapistsamschaperow

Psychotherapist with a specialty in working with Bipolar and multi-diagnosed individuals and their families.
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