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Today’s mushrooms, and my toddler Talia:

Today’s mushrooms are pictured. The huge ones appear to be macrolepitoas to me. At 1st I thought the ring wasn’t movable, since it stayed put when I tried, but after enough fiddling I was able to get it to move. Also, the one w/the bulbous base wa… Continue reading

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Our really good meal and the *only* “mushroom” Talia (2-yr.-old) will eat.

Black trumpets are like a spice in that they can be very flavorful to a dish (as bay leaves can be). These were quite good, though not as powerful of flavors as ones I had a couple years ago. Maybe it was due to it being a different species of bla… Continue reading

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finally found it

Last year I found a huge mushroom so fragile that picking it up by the stalk resulted in the cap collapsing off of it as I walked. Yesterday I finally found another. Though not huge, it is quite large. It has scales as I’d expect for an Amanita, b… Continue reading

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a nice collection of mushrooms

The huge white one smelled very interesting. It is like a spice I can’t identify. I wish I could eat it, but the ID isn’t 100% (seems to be a rooting amanita, but even if it is that one, the edibility isn’t known for that one, which is in the same… Continue reading

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yuck and yum?

Yuck?: One pair of pictures contain a bunch of the same type of mushroom. I think they’re Agaricus. They smell mushroomy on the caps, but like some kind of rubbery-plasticy toy smell of stems. Stems turn yellow when bruised. I suspect these aren’t… Continue reading

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