Virtual Exidia recisa avail. commercially.

Exidia recisa is different than the massively produced & avail. wood ear. Wood ear is two-toned and a tougher texture than Exidia recisa. I’ve made E. recisa hot and sour soup, giving a truly different experience than wood ear. However Exidia recisa takes a long time to gather and clean in quantity.

A Sichuan restaurant I went to had black fungus, which is texturally like Exidia recisa, and so unlike typical wood ear. Black fungus is commercially avail., and probably nicely priced. I’ve attached photos of my black fungus food from the restaurant.

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Tasting Norway Maple Syrup

It tastes way different than the usual dark maple syrups many people are used to. But, I don’t know if it is very similar of different from light colored sugar maple syrup. The thing is that when a tree is tapped, as well as possibly other factors, can affect how a sugar maple’s syrup comes out tasting and looking. Pictured is my norway maple syrup, which for all I know would be dark later in the season. It has been a while since I’ve tasted light colored sugar maple syrup, so I can’t speak authoritatively on the taste-difference subject. I can just say that it tastes much different than the typical maple syrup I have in my fridge. Picture is attached.

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Norway Maple Syrup

Today I’m reducing the sap I tapped from a norway maple tree.

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Wild Farm:

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Picture of my pine needle cookie:

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My wife and I made the pine needle cookies

contained our general recipe to follow. We modified it in using whole white wheat pastry flour and didn’t ice the cookies (& our tree didn’t look as good). It was a good cookie. I’m curious, how evident was hte flavor of the pine, Hilda?
Anyway, since we found it subtle or hard to detect in the raw dough tasting, I decided to sprinkle additional pine powder on top of the cookies, which made the flavor come through. Doing so before cooking lets it set in the cookie better (sticks better).

The pine worked as a flavor and my wife said it had a nice aftertaste.

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Chia herb garden mycelium???

I was given a chia herb garden kit and noticed a white fuzzy substance on its top. This ezine states: "Some gardeners are concerned when they start to see a fuzzy white substance on their chia garden pot, which they can only assume is mold… but it’s not. This growth is actually a natural byproduct of the tree bark in the chia sponge" (

But, it sure looks like mycelium to me!
But, i can’t find any source to tell me what it is, exactly.

Picture attached.

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